Sunday, November 28, 2010

gaining independence in the kitchen

Breakfast by Noah

I love how competent, helpful, and skilled my two boys are becoming in the kitchen.
Caleb loves to be "Mommy's Kitchen Helper".  It's the term that he uses when helping cook.  Noah enjoys helping too, but sometimes he prefers to be the cook.

Even though I enjoy doing the majority of the cooking, it's great to see the kids gain independence in the kitchen.  

Today, Noah made himself breakfast.  All he needs is someone there to chat with and keep an eye on him while using the stove.

Today he made scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese, whole grain bread with peanut butter, and apple slices.

I think we're creating great husband material, if you ask me!  Just add a cup of coffee and it looks like a perfect breakfast in bed.

Stay Tuned: 
Tomorrow we will be sharing one of our favorite cookie recipes.
Tuesday we will announce the winner of the giveaway.  There is still time to win.


  1. Oh are right about the great husband material! Love to see him making himself a meal...& a healthy one at that!!!

  2. Ellie would agree about the husband material. And she would love that breakfast, too!

  3. Yummy breakfast! Send him over to WI, I'll take that breakfast in bed any day! :)


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