Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a little gadget we like around here

There's nothing fancy about this.  You may even have one at home.  But I need to take just a moment to give a little shout out to my salad chopper.

Truth be told, I probably prefer non-chopped salads over chopped salads.  What I love about the salad chopper though is that it's really the only way that my children love salads.  They will have a little bit of a regular salad but if I make a chopped salad, they chow it down! 

Really, you can put just about anything in the salad that you would like.  Here, I have a combination of lettuce, peppers, carrots, spinach, green onions, and apples.

The secret is in the apples!  As long as I put one apple into the chopped salad, the kids will eat it and love it!  I've tried skipping the apple before.  It doesn't go over very well.

Every thing is put into the bowl (medium sized pieces to start) and then you chop away!  When getting started, I use an up and down motion.  Once the pieces are smaller, it's easy to roll the chopper.  

Halfway chopped

Another thing I like about the chopped salad is that it requires very little dressing.  Here we used just a tinch of good balsamic and extra virgin olive oil.

Voila!  The finished product.  The kids love pumpkin seeds and parmesan cheese on their salads.

Baard and I love a little parmesan cheese and avocado on ours. 

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  1. Hey Shel...I have never seen one of those babies! We love pears in our salads & I never even thought of apples! Looks good! I still love spying on you to check out who has been visiting ;)

  2. Well this IS a handy little gadget...I Love a few pecans and a handful of dried cranberries....YUM!
    .......Happy Day....Rosie

  3. Hi, I'm a little behind but finally making my way here! So glad you found me ~ thanks so much for visting my blog! Love yours and look forward to exploring it more....that is a very handy dandy gadget.....I happen to be a firm believer that you can never have too many kitchen gadgets. ;)
    Blessings to you,
    Jill @ Sweet Diva

  4. Oooooooh, I need to get me one of those! My girls eat salad but whenever we have tacos and I chop the lettuce fine...they are all over it! How brilliant is this? Where did you get it? Apparently, most of us want to know!


    Mine is OXO brand. I bought it a few years back at Target. I still see them there. It's in the twenty dollar price range. It's by the salad spinners usually.


  6. I cannot believe with all the years I have been cooking that I have never made a chopped salad. This looks so delicious. I am definately going to give it a go.

  7. My two year old granddaughter is just getting started on salad. This would make it so much easier for her...thanks for sharing!

    Those salads look SO yummy!!!

  8. I missed this post. I thought I had every kitchen gadget created but apparently not! I am going to look for this and see if I can convert my indifferent salad consumers. Thanks for the hot tip!

  9. So.. guess what? I was browsing at Marshall's... well, actually on a mission to get Alexis a pair of heavy duty snow mittens but got side tracked.. I found this very lovely gadget being clearanced out at 10 bucks! If it weren't for your blog, I probably wouldn't have even given it a second look. Thanks, Shelley!


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