Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meet the Family

This is me, Shelley.
aka:  mom, mama, mommy, Shel
main cook in the house

Likes:  healthy food, exercise, quality time with family and friends

This is my great husband, Baard.
aka:  dad, daddy, Baardalicious, Baardy
the willing to eat and try anything man
Likes:  cars, home improvement, family time

This is our oldest, Noah.
8-year-old, second grader
the pickiest eater of the bunch (still a good sport)
Likes:  reading, taekwondo, hanging out with friends
Future:  wants to earn a doctorate degree and be a research scientist

This is our youngest, Caleb.
4-year-old, preschooler
very adventurous eater
Likes:  everything to do with firefighting, taekwondo, playing make believe
Future:  firefighter

a little spinach family - by Noah

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute lil spinach fam! :) Love the artwork by Noah! & Baardalicious huh? :) Don't worry Baard...I promise not to call you that :)


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