Monday, December 20, 2010

Whole Life Nutrition 28-Day Elimination Diet

I should probably fill you in on this...
On December 27th, my friend and I are starting a 28-day elimination diet.  It is geared at finding food allergies and sensitivities.  After a somewhat sick fall, I've wondered if I am having some issues with dairy.  My good friend is wondering if she's having some issues with gluten.  This will be a good way to find out.  I figure that it is a win-win.  We will be able to pinpoint anything that might not agree with our systems.  It will also be a great way of getting back into healthy eating again after consuming WAY TOO much Christmas junk food. 

I mention this because you may start to notice a trend with recipes I share beginning next week.  Think whole grains, veggies, fruit.

If you're at all interested in joining me in this (c'mon... it will be fun!) you can find some information here.  The quick explanation is that it's a 4-Phase program that starts by eliminating all possible food sensitivities and slowly adds them back over the course of a month.

Sometimes when I look at this program, I get really excited and optimistic.  I am looking forward to feeling my healthiest again.  I'm also curious to see what pops up food-wise for me, if anything.  Then there are moments (like now) when I look this over and think "Why, oh why, did I agree to do this?".  Mostly I am leaning towards the positive though.

I should note:  I know that some people can be sensitive to the word "diet".  For me, this is not about weight loss.  It is about health.  I want to be sure that the food I'm eating agrees with my system and nourishes me to the fullest.  I also want to push the "reset" button to how I'm eating.  I am comfortable in my skin and at my weight so that's not what this is about for me. 

Whether this is hard, fun, easy, painstaking, enlightening, whatever... I look forward to sharing my experience with you.

If you aren't looking for some big program but just want some amazing recipe ideas, let me suggest this blog to you.  It's done by the same people as the elimination diet.  They are also the ones with the fabulous granola recipe. 

I can't make a post without a picture so on an unrelated note, aren't my boys cute?  These pictures were taken in November but the boys looked exactly the same today.  It may never stop snowing here!

What do the boys look like when they come inside from the snow?
hat hair
rosy red cheeks


  1. With all our snow we've had plenty of hat hair and rosy cheeks around here as well. My son is in the process of creating a tunnel village in our giant snowbank by our garage.

    Good luck on your elimination diet. I agree that after the holidays would be a good time to make healthier diet choices for us too. After a lifetime of being able to eat what I want without my weight budging, I put on about 10 extra pounds after an emergency hysterectomy almost 11 years ago. That began to grow and last summer I was up 15-20 pounds from my optimal weight. Ugh. I cut way back on my sugar intake and lowered my carbs and managed to lose 16 pounds. I feel so much better! Even though my weight hasn't changed, we've been eating a lot more candy/cookies/sweets and I can feel the difference. So - I'm not going to pull the plug on the holiday goodies yet (enjoying them in moderation) but, by January I'll be ready to be eating healthier.

    Good luck on your eating "adventure". (Don't you think it sounds more fun that way?) ;) Keep us posted as to how it is going!

  2. Shelley, send me your e-mail address at and I'll send you the "top secret" cranberry bread recipe. It's not really a secret, I even put it in my post but my girls made me take it out. I don't know why they're so concerned! I tweaked it a little but I got it off the back of a bag of cranberries 20 years ago. Anyway, I'm happy to share it with you!

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  4. emily said...
    i just have to thank you for your wonderful spinach smoothie recipe! oh my goodness, i have never had something make my mouth water more! my mom told me this is where she got the recipe for it. (actually my mom is can do mom.) so thank you, thank you! i tried tweaking it a bit by adding blueberries (like you posted before) and i've even tried celery. which is, surprisingly, really good too!
    it's been kind of a challenge finding healthy, fast & meatless recipes. so this is great.
    so thanks again,


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