Friday, December 17, 2010

in the lunch box

I try to offer choices when packing Noah's lunch.  This is what we landed on today.  He is really excited about his lunch because it's packed with food he enjoys.  I'm excited about his lunch because he's getting a lot nutrition.

Today's lunch is: tuna salad (tuna - low sodium, a little mayo, a little mustard, pees, shredded cheese, and a little dill relish - not sweet relish which usually contains high fructose corn syrup), edamame, whole grain crackers, banana, apples, and almond butter. 

Oops!  I had the almond butter hiding.  There it is.  We are big fans of almond butter with apples.  Noah's lunch is very mix 'n match today.  He will probably put the tuna on his crackers but the crackers would also be great with almond butter and sliced banana too.

What did I forget?  Yep, you guessed it.  A treat.  I'll stick this in the inside pocket of his lunch box.

A cute Noah story from last night:
We were driving past a fast food place and Noah said, "I can't believe that I used to like to eat there.  It's so gross.  I think the flavor just attracts people.  So people eat there because they like the flavor.  But if you eat there you get so sick.  But the flavor keeps attracting people so they just keep going more and more and more.  I'm so glad I don't like that anymore." 
Poor Noah's tummy really doesn't handle junky food well.  Like every 8-year-old, eating junk sounds like fun but he just gets so sick to his stomach.  It's nice that he's becoming more self-aware of that and has lost his interest in eating that poorly.

What are the lunch box favorites at your house? 
I hope the time factor isn't deterring you from packing lunches.  As you can see by my posts, Noah's lunches are usually thrown together in less than five minutes.


  1. Mmmmmm. You make healthy food look so delicious!!

  2. I also used to eat poorly. Cola, crisps, chineese soups... brrr I can't look at these now. ;P
    I discovered the basics of the Gerson therapy and that moment changed my life. I want to be a healt-eater :)
    p.s. You're great. Thanks for the blog, I'll do the spice cookies at Christmas Eve and surprise everyone :D

  3. We have different lunch issues. We homeschool and so food is "available" at all times. My youngest, 10yo son, might not be hungry at lunch because he's involved in something else but then later will be ravenous. I will have to say that the kitchen is "closed" to get people out of there and focusing on what needs to be done.

    We too have moved beyond the fast food lifestyle. We built our home (husband and I general contracted it - it was like a full time job for about a year!) that we live in six years ago and I remember the children moving beyond "Oh boy! McDonalds!" to being so sick of fast food that they groaned at just the thought of it. We were VERY happy to have a functioning kitchen again!

    BTW - give me your e-mail address and I'll send you my "secret recipe". Ha ha! Actually, I put my recipe in my post and my girls told me to take it out and I complied. I'm not sure why they think it should be a secret! I really don't have a problem with sharing it, I've tweaked it a little but I got it off the back of bag of cranberries about twenty years ago.

    Have a great Saturday!

  4. That is so cute what he said! But I think the flavor doesn't really even taste good! If we go to McDonalds because of a time crunch I don't even order...I really can't stand their "flavor" :)

    ANYWAY! :) What is that treat? I never saw anything like that? And this was a good reminder to pick up more that stuff!

  5. What a smart boy. Years back, I ate way too much fast food. Now, I cannot stomach it at all.


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