Monday, December 6, 2010

Lunchbox Diaries

I am such a fan of our *relatively* new lunch boxes.  I have always been a lunch packer, but this makes my job simpler.  Although this post is really meant to be about the yummy and healthy lunch inside rather than the awesomeness of the Laptop Lunch Box.  Perhaps, it can be about both.  

Noah likes to bring his lunch to school... again.  We had a few weeks back in October when he wanted to be a hot lunch kid.  The way we've always done hot lunches in the past is that he brings home the menu and picks out one lunch a month.  It's been a good compromise.  A few months ago we had a little attitude going on and I finally threw my hands up in the air and said, "Fine".  I sent him with lunch money and decided that I would take a little time off from my lunch packing duties.  TWO DAYS LATER, Noah came home and said, "I don't want to eat hot lunch anymore because the food doesn't taste right and the apples taste like chemicals."  WooHoo!  Score one for mama.  He hasn't wanted hot lunch since.

Initially when I decided to try out this new lunch box, I only bought one.  They are expensive - significantly more expensive than any lunch box I've purchased in the past.  After a few days of use, I knew that Noah couldn't be the only one with the box.  So, Caleb got one too.  This year he only eats lunch at school one day a week.  It will come in handy in the future though.  

Today's lunch is:  pears, clementines, Kashi whole grain crackers, hard boiled egg on spinach (grass), red and yellow peppers, carrots, cheese stick, ranch dip, and a Kashi oatmeal cookie.  Talk about fast and easy! 

Here's a closer look.

The boys have always been huge fans of hard boiled eggs.  But did you notice something different about these eggs?  Noah's is shaped like a car and Caleb's is shaped like a bunny.  If you want to read more about these fun eggs, check out a post over at The Middlest Sister.  Both boys requested for their eggs to be on spinach.  Caleb wants his bunny to be on the grass and Noah thinks it's hysterical that his car is driving on the grass.

Here's what I love:
The kids love this lunch!  They feel like they're totally stylin'.
The lunch has protein, whole grains, healthy fat, fruit, veggies, and dairy.
It took me a few minutes to pack both lunches.
This lunchbox is insulated, comes with silverware, a water bottle and a spot for it.
It's healthy but it's FUN.

What are some of your kids favorite lunches?  Tell me.  Share.


  1. Soooo yummy! I love how the eggs turned out...aren't they fun? So glad you guys love 'em too!!! That lunch makes me hungry! I need to grab something to eat! :)

  2. OK - that is one of the healthiest lunches I have ever seen!

  3. That is so awesome! LOVE The lunchbox carrier! I am uber impressed!

  4. Love the lunchboxes. The lunch looks gourmet from here. What a good mama you are.

    I'd have to say my fave is still tuna salad with everything including the kitchen sink in it. Of course, it must be on WW bread with lots of avocado.


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