Thursday, February 3, 2011

Elimination Diet completed, or is it?

I've been asked by many to give a quick update on the elimination diet I started at the end of December. 

Before I started this journey, I was excited but also wondering how much of a difference it could really make.  As one friend said, "You don't need this.  You eat healthier than most already."  Perhaps I didn't need it, but I was curious to see how I would feel cutting out some of the major offenders:  gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine (I still did tea), etc.   

Two weeks into the plan, I posted an update on how it was going up to that point.  At that point, I was still missing coffee but otherwise feeling good.  No, I wasn't feeling good.  I was feeling GREAT!

Here we are - almost a month after my last post about the elimination diet plan. 

I've been asked a lot of questions recently... here are some:
What happened to me?
Did I finish the four weeks?
Do I have food allergies?
How am I eating now?
Did I lose weight?  (not my goal, by the way)
Do you need to buy the cookbook in order to do the elimination plan?

Let's tackle these one by one.

This is probably why I haven't posted an update.  I don't feel like there's much of an update to give.  I feel so darn good without all of the junk that I just haven't added it back.  Am I allergic or sensitive to gluten or dairy?  No idea.  I haven't had any since end of December.  I figure, if I feel better without, why add it back?  Will I someday have those things again?  Sure - in moderation.  Eating some of those things makes socializing easier but I could live quite happily without.  So, technically I'm "done" with the plan since it's been more than four weeks, but I am not done in the sense that this is just my new way of life.

How do I eat now?  I eat a lot of veggies, fruits, gluten-free whole grains, nuts, and seeds.  I also eat salmon about every three days and chicken once-a-week or every other week.  I was never a big meat person before I started this so it's not much of a change. I am also buying as little prepacked processed stuff as possible.  I have even cut way down on the "healthy" packaged items.  I'm making more homemade items like almond milk, buckwheat cereal, etc.  I am eating lunch as I type.  I'm having leftover coconut quinoa pilaf and a big smoothie with:  tons of spinach, blueberries, banana, pea protein, and ground flaxseed.

Weight:  Weight loss was not the goal for me.  When I started this plan I was at my lowest adult weight already.  A month-and-a-half later, my weight is still the same.  That's fine by me.  I'm not skin and bones by any means and I *could* lose a few pounds if I really wanted and tried hard.  I'm not in that mindset now.  I am very happy and comfortable in my own skin.  I love that at 36-years-old, I'm in the best shape of my life.  I love that I eat as much as I want (and I eat A LOT!) but since I'm just fueling my body with TONS of good foods, the weight works itself out.  I would guess that I'm being asked this because people wonder if they could lose weight on this plan.  Why wouldn't you?  If you replace garbage with good stuff, weight comes off. 

The Book:  You do not need to own the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook in order to do the elimination diet.  It's a fabulous cookbook and the elimination diet only takes up about two pages in the very back.  You also don't need to do the plan to get a lot of great recipes and ideas from the cookbook.  It's just a great cookbook.  I will say this though, if you are considering doing the elimination plan owning the cookbook will make your life a lot easier because it gives some great ideas.

For more wonderful ideas and recipes, check out this blog by the people who wrote the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and the elimination plan.

Any other questions I should answer?


  1. Thanks for the update, Shelley! I am adding that cookbook to my wishlist!

  2. Good for you Shelley for committing to this plan! I am proud of you.

  3. I can really relate to not going back to eating the same as before. After doing the Daniel Fast, I will never eat the same as I did before. I may just give this plan a try next. Thanks for sharing the journey, Shelley!

  4. I enjoyed reading your update too! :)

    For all you cookbook junkies out there (I am definitely in that category) I found a bargain you might be interested in if there's any left. Yesterday my son and I stopped at Barnes and Noble in Maplewood because he had a book to return. One of the books I wanted to look at while we were there was "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" by Mark Bittman. Well, they had a two book boxed set including that one and also "How to Cook Everything" for only $19.95! Usually each book retails for $35.00 so that was quite a bargain. Just thought I'd let you know in case you were interested. I've enjoyed looking at both of them and have also liked Mark's other cookbook (checked out from the library) "The Food Matters Cookbook". I made the Corn & Sweet Potato Chowder the other night. It was delicious! :) Tonight we had the Tempting Thai Chicken from "Desperation Dinners". Our 4H group volunteered at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan and our plans changed (didn't go to MN Science Museum as planned). We headed straight home and everyone was starving! My husband was craving chinese and that recipe was close enough. ;)

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling great with your new eating plan. My sister in law is sticking with the anti-lymes plan I came up with for her and is feeling so much better. If you knew how sick she was for years before you'd know it's nothing short of a miracle! I'm praising God and so excited!

    Blessings to you and your family. :)

  5. Hey Shel! Love reading your update! You really have been inspiring to me & I am enjoying learning from ya!

    Planned a trip to Trader Joes to stock up on raw nuts today but Annie came down with the flu SO maybe I can sneak out sometime this week...maybe :) Oh but that reminds me...I am worried Bo might be getting it in the next few days...Rocco had it the last 2...I don't want to bring any germs to your house so I will let you know RIGHT AWAY if it is lingering in the fam before Wednesday. Talk soon!


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